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Consumer Units – The Know How and Safety Guide

Let us first understand what Consumer Unit is?

Basically it is a modern equivalent to the fuse box. Nevertheless, unlike the fuse box, the consumer units have MCB’s (miniature circuit breakers) which can be reset whenever the fuse trips out. On the other hand, in case of a fuse box, you need to take out the entire fuse and replace it with the correct wire. Just imagine if it is dark, then how much inconvenience you will have to face. Consumer units come with a switch that acts as a backup. If you simply push it, then power can be restored easily. Although the units are sensitive, but once blown, the units can be restored only in few seconds.

This unit is put between the power circuits and electricity supply. It has a current device or RCD, where R stands for Residual. It helps to detect any kind of earthing faults. If any earth fault takes place, then it switches the power off and thus prevents electrocution. Many such units are also known by the term “split load”.

As a conscious individual, everyone must know that consumer unit is an important part of the electrical installation and it protects us from fire as well as electrocution. The task of up-gradation of this device must be undertaken by a registered and competent individual. If one needs to change the consumer unit of the house, then one can request the electrician for an electrical condition analysis or report. You can take the EICR test to have a clear understanding of the operational condition of the existing wiring of your property. This report will give you satisfaction and also a clean chit regarding the electrical condition of your house. If you are looking forward to Consumer unit changes in Croydon, then you can get in touch with AMP Electric solutions. They comply with the current standards and also have the latest devices for advanced servicing.

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